Air Force ROTC: Aerospace Studies at the University of Cincinnati

Air Force ROTC produces leaders for the Air Force by training the whole person concept of leadership (communication, motivation, team building and public speaking).

Qualified Mount St. Joseph University students train to become a leader in America’s aerospace force through a cooperative agreement with the University of Cincinnati.

Qualified students may also compete for scholarship opportunities with Air Force ROTC.

You and Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC will prepare you to assume your position as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Along the way you will develop into a leader through a combination of classroom and practical leadership experiences as well as esprit de corps activities with others in the cadet wing.

Scholarships are also available for those students interested in the program.

Once you graduate, you’ll be commissioned as a second lieutenant and be ready to take on a career as a pilot, navigator, engineer, program manager, scientist, space and missile operator, air battle manager, nurse, security forces or maintenance officer as well as any of the over 150 officer career fields offered.

Aerospace Studies Overview

Any one from an incoming first year student to an established student may qualify for the program.

The Air Force ROTC program begins with the General Military Course. As a freshman or sophomore you’ll split your time between classroom work, a one semester-hour aerospace studies course, and hands on leadership skills development, the leadership laboratory.

As a junior and senior your classroom instruction increases to 3 semester-hour courses and you assume cadet wing leadership positions in the leadership laboratory.

You’ll earn 12 semester-hours while completing courses in your academic major and the aerospace studies classes count towards your degree requirements. Please see your advisor for specifics for your academic major.

Once all of your degree requirements and aerospace studies requirements are complete you’ll be commissioned as an officer in your United States Air Force.

If you are interested in additional information, just give us a call at 513-556-2237, visit the website at or our local website at

Military Science at Xavier University

The Department of Military Science at Xavier University, in cooperation with Mount St. Joseph University, provides the opportunity for any qualified student to enroll in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).

Once a student has completed all requirements, he/she is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant officer in the United States Army.

Two programs are available: a) the traditional four year program which consists of lower division and upper division courses, or b) the two year program which consists of a four week Leader’s Training Course, and upper division courses.

There is no military obligation incurred by enrolling in the lower division courses (freshmen and sophomore years unless you are a scholarship winner), or by attending the Leader’s Training Course.

Cadets are eligible to receive a monthly stipend during the school year.  Freshmen $300, Sophomores $350, Juniors $450 and Seniors receive $500 a month.  Credit for military science course is granted through an agreement between Xavier University and Mount St. Joseph University, and may be used to satisfy general electives.

ROTC Scholarships


Army ROTC scholarships cover full college tuition and educational fees, a $1,200 yearly book allowance and a monthly stipend starting at $300/month during the academic school year. Additional financial incentives may be offered by the Mount to assist with costs not covered by the Army ROTC scholarship including room and or board.

High school students may apply online for an Army ROTC Scholarship at For additional information about the ROTC program go to or contact the Xavier Army ROTC Recruiting Team at 513-745-1066 or by e-mail at

Air Force ROTC

University of Cincinnati accepts Air Force ROTC scholarships and students pursuing an Air Force ROTC scholarship. High school students pursuing a scholarship please visit University freshman and sophomores pursuing an in-college Air Force ROTC scholarship should visit or call the Detachment 665 Unit Admission Officer at 513-556-2237.