Students may audit courses (except online courses) on a space available basis as determined by the instructor and the department offering the course. There is no limit to the number of courses a student may audit, but each course may be audited only one time (except in topics courses where the content varies with each offering). Courses taken for audit earn zero credits and quality points. Audits require the signature of the instructor. Conditions or requirements of the audit are determined by the instructor or department. Students who are registered for 12 or more hours in a fall or spring term and paying flat rate tuition may audit undergraduate courses free of charge plus any applicable fees. This policy does not apply to summer term. Students who choose to audit as a part time student in summer, fall, or spring may do so at half the cost of the per credit hour rate plus any applicable fees. Fees, cost of books and materials are additional for all students.

Baccalaureate or graduate program alumni of the University may audit courses (except online courses) on a space-available basis for a special discounted tuition rate, plus fees, cost of books and materials, provided appropriate academic prerequisites have been completed.

If a student wishes to change from audit to a grade or vice versa, the change must be made in the Conlan Center with Student Administrative Services during the first five weeks of class. Students must make such a change before the third class meeting of an accelerated class.