Program Requirements

Hours: 27

Major Courses - 27 hours

COM 201 New Media, Culture & Society (3) LAS
COM 202 Intro to Communication Theory (3) LAS
COM 211 New Media Theory (3)
COM 220 Visual Communication (3)
COM 250 Digital Video Production (3)
COM 251 Digital Video Post-Production (3) LAS
COM 295 Writing for New Media Environments (3) LAS
COM 311 New Media Law and Ethics (3)
COM 321 Public Relations in the Digital Age (3) LAS

Minimum grade of "C" in all major/cognate courses
Residency Requirement - 6 hours

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Communication and New Media Studies major will be able to:

  • Communicate messages meaningfully, ethically, and effectively in a variety of media/formats and contexts
  • Plan, design, and execute effective social media campaigns
  • Conduct systematic research on the impact and effectiveness of communication in addressing social issues
  • Understand the role communication plays in the social construction of meaning, knowledge, relationships, and community