Program Requirements

Hours: 69

Major Courses - 36 hours

CHE 111 General Chemistry I (3) CN
CHE 111A General Chemistry I (LAB) (1) CN
CHE 111R General Chemistry I (Recitation (0) (CN)
CHE 112 General Chemistry II (3) CN
CHE 112A General Chemistry II (LAB) (1) CN
CHE 112R General Chemistry II (Resitation (0) (CN)
CHE 200 Chemistry Sophomore Seminar (1)
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry I (3)
CHE 211A Organic Chemistry I (LAB) (1)
CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II (3)
CHE 212A Organic Chemistry II (LAB) (1)
CHE 300 Chemistry Junior Seminar (1)
CHE 314 Intermediate Analytical Chemistry (3)
CHE 314A Intermediate Analytical Chemistry (LAB) (1)
CHE 325 Biochemistry I (3)
CHE 325A Biochemistry I (LAB) (1)
CHE 326 Biochemistry II (3)
CHE 326A Biochemistry II (LAB) (1)
CHE 350 Physical Chemistry I (3)
CHE 350A Physical Chemistry I (LAB) (1)
CHE 390 Research Problems in Chemistry (1)
CHE 400 Chemistry Seminar & Capstone (1)

Major Elective Courses - 4 hours

Choose 4 hours from the following (one lecture and the corresponding LAB)

CHE 315 Instrumental Analysis (3)
CHE 315A Instrumental Analysis (LAB) (1)
CHE 355 Physical Chemistry II (3)
CHE 355A Physical Chemistry II (1)
CHE 360 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry (3)
CHE 360A intermediate Inorganic Chemistry (LAB) (1)

Cognate Required Courses – 21 hours

BIO 111 Principles of Biology I (4) CN
BIO 111A Principles of Biology I (LAB) (0) (CN)
BIO 111R Principles of Biology I (Recitation) (0) (CN)
CED 220 Foundations of Professionalism (1)
MTH 193 Calculus I (4) (CMA)
MTH 194 Calculus II (4) 
PHY 201 General Physics I (3)
PHY 201A Gen Physics I (LAB) (1)
PHY 202 General Physics II (3)
PHY 202A General Physics II (LAB) (1)

Cognate Elective Courses – 8 hours

Choose 8 hours from the following (two lectures and the corresponding LABs)

BIO 305 Microbiology (4)
BIO 305A Microbiology (LAB) (0)
BIO 310 Cell Biology (4)
BIO 310A Cell Biology (LAB) (0)
BIO 320 Genetics (4)
BIO 320A Genetics (LAB) (0)

 Admission Requirements

Chemistry: College preparatory high school chemistry or the successful completion of a placement test.
Math: Three years of college preparatory high school mathematics including functions.

Program Requirements

In order to remain in the chemistry (BS) major, biochemistry (BS) major, minor in chemistry, and minor is sustainability studies, a student must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all major and cognate courses. Students earning a D, F, or W in any major or cognate course will be subject to the following action(s):

• Student will receive a warning letter from the department chairperson after the first D, F, or W.
• Student will be placed on probation after the second D, F, or W.
• Student will be dismissed from the major after the third D, F, or W.

A student may appeal in writing the dismissal from the major to the chairperson. In extenuating circumstances, the chairperson may reinstate the student to the major.