Admission Requirements


Chemistry: College preparatory high school chemistry or the successful completion of a placement test.

Program Requirements

In order to remain in the chemistry (BS) major, biochemistry (BS) major, minor in chemistry, and minor is sustainability studies, a student must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all major and cognate courses. Students earning a D, F, or W in any major or cognate course will be subject to the following action(s):

  • Student will receive a warning letter from the department chairperson after the first D, F, or W.
  • Student will be placed on probation after the second D, F, or W.
  • Student will be dismissed from the major after the third D, F, or W.

A student may appeal in writing the dismissal from the major to the chairperson. In extenuating circumstances, the chairperson may reinstate the student to the major.

Hours: 23

Minor Courses - 23 hours

CHE 111 General Chemistry I (3) CN
CHE 111A General Chemistry I (LAB) (1) CN
CHE 112 General Chemistry II (3) CN
CHE 112A General Chemistry II (LAB) (1) CN
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry I (3)
CHE 211A Organic Chem I (LAB) (1)
CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II (3)
CHE 212A Organic Chemistry II (LAB) (1)

Choose two additional CHE 300-level courses (7)

Residency requirement: 6 hours
Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in those 6 hours