Program Requirements

Hours: 51-52

Theory -12 hours

MUS 101 Theory and Skills 1 (3)
MUS 118 Theory and Skills 2 (3)
MUS 307 Theory and Skills 3 (3)
MUS 404 Theory and Skills 4 (3)

History - 12 hours

MUS 131 World Music (3) CAM
MUS 212 American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MP3 (3) CAM
MUS 233 Listen to This:Musical Masterworks from the Middle Ages to 1750 (3) CAM
MUS 234 Listen to This:Musical Masterworks from 1750 to Present (3) CAM

Ensemble Leadership - 6 hours

MUS 213 Church Music and Worship (3)
MUS 403 Basic Conducting (3)

Piano - 6 hours

MUS 105 Piano I (3) CAM
MUS 106 Piano II (3)

Ensembles -- 8 hours

**MUS 120F or MUS 110E or MUS 120K must be taken for 1 credit hour for 8 semesters

MUS 120F University Band (1)
MUS 110E University Singers (1)
MUS 120K Orchestra (1)

**Piano Majors may choose either University Band or University Singers.  Not performing in an Ensemble is not an option.  In Singers, they would be responsible for some of the accompanying, as well as singing.  Students choose ensembles appropriate for their instrument.

Students pursuing a music education licensure must take at least 1 credit hour of MUS 110E as part of their 8 hours of ensemble courses.

Applied - 7-8 hours

MUS 140A-200A (1), MUS 405 Senior Recital (1), MUS 000R Repertoire Class (0) Required every semester, unless student teaching for a music education licensure.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Music major will be able to:

  • demonstrate performance ability appropriate for the B.A. in music.
  • develop vocal and keyboard skills appropriate for the B.A. in music.
  • perform advanced ensemble literature.
  • comprehend various musical genres and stylistic periods.
  • identify historical periods and cultures.
  • improvise in various musical styles.
  • understand theoretical/compositional music concepts.
  • understand formal/structural concepts.
  • critically review personal musical/intellectual performance.